The 5th Conference aims to resume with the presentation of studies on the Quaternary and the discussion of research methodologies.
In general, the 5th Conference expects to cover the main topics:

  1. Methods in Environmental Archaeology
  2. Resources, Vulnerabilities and Land Planning
  3. New Technologies in Quaternary Studies
  4. Fluvial Dynamics, Coastal Evolution and Human Settlement
  5. Provenance and paleoenvironmental studies
  6. Human settlement of the west Peninsula during the Quaternary

PEDRO PROENÇA E CUNHA (University of Coimbra)
“Possibilities and limitations of the luminescence dating”

ENRIQUE BAQUEDANO PÉREZ (Museo Arqueológico Regional de la Comunidad de Madrid)
"Neanderthals in the Iberian Peninsula” "

ISABEL FIGUEIRAL(INRAP Méditerranée, Centre de Bio-Archéologie et d'Ecologie CBAE, Universidade de Montpellier II)
"Archaeological wells: excavation problems and archaeobotanical potential. Examples from preventive archaeology (INRAP) in southern France"

You can download the full program here